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THE LAW OF MARITAL BALANCE. Don’t live life without spice, it’s like taking bread without tea or water, sooner or later somebody will be choked.
‎Don’t be too spiritual and abscond from the physical, marriage is very physical yet spiritual.

There is a part of every woman that wants a phenomenal guy for a husband
There is a part of every guy that wants a “sexy” babe for a wife

To be spiritual and not romantic is to kill your marriage by yourself and then lie on the devil

He loves a prayerful woman but also needs a playful baby

Every woman wants a serious minded guy but they also want a guy who plays hard like a kid

They want a visionary man but don’t go to the extent that she has to pray that you lose your vision so that she can have you
I know you need to put food on the table and succeed as a man, but there is no point sacrificing your family for your job and not ‎have anyone to celebrate your success with you
Don’t wait until somebody shows your spouse a new lease of life. Don’t allow your spouse to be tempted.

Some experiences are better avoided than‎ amended
Even if you grew up in the Monastry, don’t confine yourself to being a missionary
Churches often cry in prayers for revival because their pastor is not charismatic
Ask successful pastors how they have succeeded pastoring for more than 20 years, it has taken a lot of dynamism

Crack jokes, go out, see movies, run around the house,‎ take a stroll together, play games. Keep on dating.
Somebody cannot be cooking for 20 years in a stretch and not get tired, do role reversal, spring pleasant surprises
Don’t be too serious, marriage does not make people happy, it’s people who make marriage sweet.
There is no love in marriage, love is in people. There is no romance in love, people infuse romance into their marriage
A couple must learn the art and science of giving, communicating, loving, serving, praising and keeping the box full.
If you demand for more than you put into the love tank, you will be disappointed..