Invest in your child

Parenting can neither be delegated nor suspended for a while as we work for the ring of fame and fortune. The growth of children is irreversible. Like a young tree, it takes the bends directed by the gardener, so is the life of a child. You can’t shape it in adulthood; you can’t pick it from where you left after you reach at the top in your career pursuits. It’s always easier to model your kids than to rehabilitate when grown.

If you invest in your child, you don’t have to invest for your child. Children require presence not presents. No amount of gifts and meeting financial obligations can replace your personal presence. Any written will can be torn in a few years after the demise of the writer of the will. The only sure inheritance that you can leave behind is the investment you make in your child not for your child.

This message is for all the women

WOMAN. . . . . . . . .

When God created woman he was working late on the 6th day…….

An angel came by and asked.” Why spend so much time on her ?”.

The lord answered. ” Have you seen all the specifications I have to meet to shape her?”…..
she must function on all kinds of situations….,
she must be able to embrace several kids at the same time,
give a hug that can heal anything from a bruised knee to a broken heart ,
she must do all this with only two hands,..”
She cures herself when sick and can work 18 hours a day”…. …

THE ANGEL was impressed. ..” Just two hands…..impossible !” ..

And this is the standard model ? ! ….”
The Angel came closer and touched the woman”…… ..
.” But you have made her so soft, Lord”…..
.” She is soft”, said the Lord,

” But I have made her strong. You can’t imagine what she can endure and overcome “…

.”Can she think?” The Angel asked…
The Lord answered. ” Not only can she think, she can reason and negotiate” …

The Angel touched her cheeks…..

” Lord, it seems this creation is leaking ! You have put too many burdens on her. ” …

.”She is not leaking…it is a tear” The Lord corrected the Angel…
” What’s it for?” Asked the Angel….. .

The Lord said. ” Tears are her way of expressing her grief, her doubts, her love, her loneliness, her suffering and her pride.”…

THIS made a big impression on the Angel,
” Lord, you are genius. You thought of everything.

A woman is indeed marvellous !”…. …

Lord said.” Indeed she is.
She has strength that amazes a man.
She can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens.
She holds happiness, love and opinions.
She smiles when she feels like screaming.
She sings when she feels like crying, cries when happy and laughs when afraid.

She fights for what she believes in.

Her love is unconditional.

Her heart is broken when a next-of-kin or a friend dies

but she finds strength to get on with life.” ..

The Angel asked : So she is a perfect ?

The lord replied : No. She has just one drawback

” She often forgets what she is worth”.

Send it to all the women u respect ….👍

And to all men who respect woman 👍👍
W O M A N..

● changes her name..

● changes her home..

● leaves her family..

● moves in with you..

● builds a home with you..

● gets pregnant for you..

● pregnancy changes her body..

● she gets fat..

● almost gives up in the labour room due to the unbearable pain of child birth..

● even the kids she delivers bear your name..

Till the day she dies.. everything she does… cooking, cleaning your house, taking care of your parents, bringing up your children, earning, advising you, ensuring you can be relaxed, maintaining all family relations, everything that benefit you.. sometimes at the cost of her own health, hobbies and beauty.

So who is really doing whom a favour?

Dear men, appreciate the women in your lives always, because it is not easy to be a woman.

*Being a woman is priceless*

Happy women’s week!

Pass this to every woman in your contact to make her feel proud of herself.

Rock the world ladies!

A salute to ladies!




Forward if u believe

A Recipe for Peace: “TWO WRONGS MAKE A RIGHT”*

There were two houses standing next to each other. In one of them resided a very unhappy family. The spouses yelled at each other, they fought and quarreled all the time. The other was a place of happiness and calm.

During one of the fights the wife asked her husband:
“Did you ever hear them quarrel or yell over at that house? No!
So, go there and see what they do to avoid it!”

The husband stood at the window of his neighbors and watched. There they were busy doing their own thing.

The wife was in the kitchen cooking, and the man sat at the table writing.
The phone rang, and the man jumped up and headed to the hallway to get it.

On his way he bumped into a vase, it fell and broke. He got down to his knees and started picking up the pieces. The wife ran into the room from the kitchen. She also kneeled down and started helping her husband to pick them up.

The man said to his wife:
“I am so sorry. I rushed to get the phone and bumped into the vase. It fell and got broken.”

The wife replied:
“No, honey, it is my fault. I put it there on the way. That’s why you bumped into it.”

They kissed, and that was over. Both got back to what they were doing.

The man who watched them returned to his wife. The wife wanted to know what the secret of their happiness was. What he said was fantastic:

*“I know it now. In their family they both are guilty and in our family both of us are always right!”*

That’s the secret of family happiness!

(Food for thought).
The “trick” isn’t in not wanting to take responsibility, but rather in not claiming right. There are times you need to forfeit your right to win your peace: depends on which you cherish most. This recipe is applicable, not only in the home, but also:

-at work
-on the road
-in the market place
-between nations.
-in all relationships.

Hope you’ll find this useful in the weeks/months and years ahead? Wishing you a meaningfully & peaceful day!




The type of people in your life has a lot to do in your journey of life. Start by screening the people in your life. Evaluating them will let you know who to upgrade, downgrade, or totally terminate.
Always remember that, not everybody deserves the special guest star to participate in the movie of your life. Anyone who is not adding any value to your life shouldn’t be in the front line of your life.
The dream of a sadist is for every body to be miserable in life.
Those who cannot see greatness in their own life will never see anything good in your own life.
Whoever sees or treats you as an option doesn’t deserve to be a priority in your life.
Never put temporary people in the permanent place of your life, and don’t be afraid of removing the wrong people from the right place of your life. If its your life then its your right.
Be bold to take any decision concerning your life. If they call it pride, tell them its class.
No matter the economy of the jungle, lions will never eat grass. Even if education is free, a rat will never go to the same school with a cat.
You can never go anywhere with negative people. Negative people are like cars without gas and engines. You can only sit in them, but they will never take you anywhere.
Always remember this: Never ever embark on a life journey with someone who is not going anywhere in life, or willing to add value to your life.
Wish you Happy Days ahead!

Push the Cow off the Cliff

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a Chinese wise man and his disciple. One day in their travels, they saw a hut in the distance. As they approached they realized that it was occupied in spite of its extremely poor appearance.
In that desolate place where there were no crops and no trees,
a man lived with his wife, three young children and a thin, tired cow. Since they were hungry and thirsty, the wise man and his disciple stopped for a few hours and were well received. At one point, the wise man asked:
“This is a very poor place, far away from anything. How do you
“You see that cow? That’s what keeps us going,” said the head
of the family. “She gives us milk, some of it we drink and some were make into cheese. When there is extra, we go into the city and exchange the milk and cheese for other types of food.
That’s how we survive.”
The wise man thanked them for their hospitality and left. When he reached the first bend in the road, he said to his disciple:
“Go back, get the cow, take her to the cliff in front of us, and push her off.”
The disciple could not believe what he was hearing.
“I cannot do that, master! How can you be so ungrateful? The
cow is all they have. If I throw it on the cliff, they’ll have no way to survive. Without the cow, they’ll all die!”
The wise man, an elderly Chinese man, took a deep breath
and repeated the order: “Go ahead. Push the cow off the cliff.” Though outraged at what he was being asked to do, the student was resigned to obey his master.
He returned to the hut and quietly led the animal to the edge
of the cliff and pushed. The cow fell down the cliff and died.
As the years passed by, remorse for what he had done never left the disciple. One spring day, the guilt became too much to bear and he left the wise man and returned to that little shack. He wanted to find out what had happened to that family, to help them out, apologize, or somehow make amends.
Upon rounding a turn in the road, he could not believe what his eyes were showing him. In place of the poor shack there was a beautiful house with trees all
around, a swimming pool, several cars in the garage, a satellite dish, and on and on. Three
good-looking teenagers and their parents were celebrating their first million dollars.
The heart of the disciple froze. What could have happened to the family? Without a doubt, they must have been starving to death and forced to sell their land and leave. At that moment, the student thought they must all be begging on the street corners of some city. He approached the
house and asked a man that was passing by about the whereabouts of the family that had lived
there several years before.
“You’re looking at it,” said the man, pointing to the people gathered around the barbecue.
Unable to believe what he was hearing, the disciple walked through the gate and took a few steps
closer to the pool where he recognized the man from several
years before, only now he was strong and confident, the woman was happy, and the children were now nice-looking teenagers.
He was dumbfounded, and went over to the man and asked:
“What happened? I was here with my teacher a few years ago and this was a miserable place.
There was nothing. What did you do to improve your lives in
such a short time?”
The man looked at the disciple, and replied with a smile:
“We had a cow that kept us alive. She was all we had. But one
day she fell down the cliff and died. To survive, we had to start doing other things, develop skills we didn’t even know we had.
And so, because we were forced to come up with new ways of
doing things, we are now much better off than before.”
Moral of the story: Sometimes our dependency on something small and limited is the biggest
obstacle to our growth. Perhaps the best thing that could happen to you is to push your “cow” down the cliff. Once you free yourself of the thought “it’s little
but it’s certain,” or of that idea “I am not doing great but there are people who are much worse than me” — then your life will
really change.


Dad, Show Your Children You Love Them


‘His father…Filled with love…ran to his son.’
Luke 15:20 NLT

Canoeing specialist Bill Havens was almost guaranteed to win a gold medal in the 1924 Olympics in Paris. But a few months before the games he learned that his wife would likely give birth to their first child while he was away. She told him that she could make it on her own, but this was a milestone Bill didn’t want to miss. So he surprised everyone and stayed home. He greeted his infant son, Frank, into the world on August 1, 1924. Though he always wondered what might have been, he said he never regretted his decision. He poured his life into that little lad, and shared with him a love for the rapids. Twenty-four years passed, and the Olympic Games were held in Finland. This time his son Frank was chosen to compete in the canoeing event. The day after the competition, Bill received a telegram from Frank that read: ‘Dear Dad, thanks for waiting around for me to be born. I’m coming home with the gold medal that you should have won.’ It was signed ‘Your loving son, Frank.’ Bill Havens wanted his family to know they always came first, no matter what. And that made him a hero to a little boy named Frank. Bill understood that medals tarnish, records are broken, and achievements are soon forgotten. These things don’t satisfy. What does? The love you have for your children, and the love they have for you. Jesus pointed out that even when a child is wayward, a parent’s love can restore them. Are you neglecting your family today? If so, take action immediately!

Bible in a Year: Ex 12-13; Matt 16


I was raped by a supposed friend (someone I thought I could trust). Left in shame and shock I could not tell anyone about my ordeal. I kept it to myself and went about my normal life.

Some weeks later after I came back from a vigil I started feeling weak so I went to a nearby hospital and ran some tests. To my greatest Shock I tested positive to pregnancy.

I told the man involved who after much plea convinced me to have an abortion which will be kept a secret.

I went in for an abortion however before the procedure I asked God to forgive me for what I was about to do and in the process I died, I left my body. Still looking at the lifeless form on the abortion table, I started ascending but in a flash a force pulled me down through a dark tunnel. I could not see the beginning or the end of the walls of the tunnel. It was dark, so dark, I saw cobweb like cells on the walls and in an instant I was in HELL.

I saw a woman who had been there for over a hundred years, she was in deep pain and agony, she would melt in the flames and the magma like liquid will come back together in the form of the woman. It occurred repeatedly. I knew I was in hell.

I began to burn and burn, I felt like pulling out my hair form its roots, because the pain was unbearable. It was as if my senses where magnified over a thousand times. The agony of the burns was not enough. The scream of people under the same torment was worse, it was so loud that I felt I would go deaf but they kept resonating in my ears.

I began to scream, the more I screamed the weaker I got but the screams only got louder while I was getting weaker. I gnashed my teeth but no form of all these expressions made me feel better…it only got worse, beyond description. I was in deep torment.

The worse feeling was not just the pain, the noise, the screams or the pungent smell. It was the feeling of HOPELESSNESS/TOTAL DAMNATION. I WAS CONDEMNED FOREVER. I knew I was in HELL forever and ever. There was no way out. I began to cry out to God for mercy.

At a point Jesus appeared and I wept the more. I asked Him to please give me one SECOND out of hell to just scream Jesus is Lord and die again. Jesus replied, “how many seconds are in a minute, how many minutes are in an hour, how many hours are in a day, how many days are in a week, how many weeks are in a month and how many months are in a year and how many years have you lived on earth?” I have given you all the seconds in your living years yet you failed me.

I wept more and asked Him to have mercy and please give me another chance to go and tell the world about HELL. I pleaded with the Lord to give me a chance even if I return to the world without my hands or my legs at least let there be breath in my nostrils. I had a better understanding of the adage that a living dog is better than a dead lion. I even promised to tell the world of my ordeal if He delivers my soul from the torment in HELL.

He replied,’ many have gone from here to tell them, what makes you think they will believe you but I kept pleading for a second chance and as I was weeping and gnashing my teeth.

Jesus had mercy on me but warned me sternly that if I did not preach I would end up in hell. He said, ‘tell my people to stop playing games with me’. At that point I woke up in the hospital room.

At first she I scared of sharing my horrific ordeal because I was concerned about my reputation but finally opened up when I came in contact with Dominion City under Pastor David Ogbueli’s ministration.


If you are reading this post that means you have a chance to make a change and reconcile with God or if you are lukewarm it’s time to stop playing games with God.

Words alone cannot tell of my torment in hell or the torment of those in hell.

HELL is not a myth, a story, OR a figment of someone’s imagination, HELL IS A REAL PLACE.

A place you would not even wish for your enemies or those who have hurt you most.
(Heb 9:27 ~ And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgement.)
If we recognize that all earthly things are someday going to be stripped away from us, then the craving for material possessions will matter far less to us now. We should turn away from physical indulgence, for earthly pleasure leaves no permanent gratification.
(2 Peter 3:11 ~ Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness)

– We should stop giving excuses for God’s work
– We should imitate Christ
– Find out our purpose on earth and fulfil it
– Be part of the move of God in this last days
– Have a consistent walk with the Holy Spirit .

If you were blessed by this testimony, please do share.


We wait on you Jesus


She loved me to the point that she was ready to be disowned by her parents when they wanted her to marry a rich politicians son. The love was simply so much…She visited me for a weekend and I took her to a program in church where I was invited… The two guest speakers for the 1st and 2nd days were wonderful…We laughed and shouted Fire and even sowed seeds of greatness… And I took my girlfriend back to my house… But the guest speaker that came on the last day was the one that caused the whole program for me… He did not wear any big shoe or expensive suit… His hair cut was even scattered… Unlike other guests, he did not have any escort or security But I noticed that the moment he climbed the pulpit, the atmosphere changed…
He started singing this song: # “Something more than gold… Something more than silver…
The Word of God in the heart of a believer, it’s something more than gold”…# And within 5 minutes, I began to see something like mist, like thick cloud inside that auditorium… And it was as if, millions of voices were singing that song at the same time. It was not long, I began to hear cries of men and women, boys and girls…: and yet, he has not opened the Bible… The church hall was tensed… You will wonder if this is the same church we have been coming to for the past 2days…
“Lord, help me”…
“Forgive me Jesus… ”
” Don’t leave me this way”
“Jesus, I need You back… ”
” Holy spirit, break me… And use me… ”
These and more were the deep cries I was hearing from people around where I was sitting…
The choristers who were backing up the songs were slain…
Some of them did not know when they began to shout, through the microphone:” Lord, show me your mercy… “Some were shouting:” I need your revival Lord… Will you leave me this way”. I was afraid to open my eyes… The glory inside that house was too much… When i managed to open my eyes, I didn’t not see anybody standing… I was the only one on feet… The pastor that hosted the program was on the floor, in front of the church, with his wife… The assistant pastors were with him in front of the church, crying,… The Preacher was lying flat, crying on the alter… Nobody could know who was the Preacher and who was the speaker…As a Preachers kid, born inside the church, I have seen revivals… I have seen the move of God’s power… But, never in my life have I seem such manifest Presence of God…And for more than 1:45 minutes, people were rolling on the floor, crying their hearts out… Yet, the guest minister did not open the Bible… I was still standing, looking around for my girlfriend… But I did not see her again… When I went outside… I saw her, lying on the floor, flat, crying… As I tried to pull her up, thinking that something might have hurt her… I saw her blouses soaked with tears… Her voice was already cracked… She had cried her heart out…I did not care to wait for the service to close … I managed to guide her back to my house… And throughout that short journey, on the road, she was weeping like children… When we go home and she managed to sleep, right from her sleep, at short intervals, she began to sob, crying out from sleep… And before long, the pillow were already soaked…The encounter she had in the church followed her home… And it continued like that for 3days… She was unable to eat anything… One of those nights, as she was praying and crying, she began to burst into tongues… She was crying and was blasting tongues, for more than 4 hours… How can I forget? The morning of the 3rd day, she told me: “Iyke, when that young pastor was singing that song… My eyes was opened and I saw Jesus for the first time in my life… I saw the kind of splendor I cannot explain… I saw His wounds… I saw Him on the Cross… I saw Him calling me to surrender my life to Him… Iyke, something has happened to me… And I am no more that same person again”. The more I tried to cuddle her, the more she was running from my arms… She asked me: “Iyke, did you not feel what I felt? Did you not see what I saw? What I saw is worth more than the whole world. I saw a Crown that I cannot lose… Iyke, I have to surrender to Jesus… I have to pack my things now…” Before 30 minutes, she had picked her few things and about to go… As she was leaving, we both were in tears… She told me: “Iyke, I know I love you and you love me too…. But I have to let you go. This moment, I have surrendered to Jesus…. It will better to lose you than to lose that Crown that I saw. ..” Tears had dried on our bodies and fresh ones were coming. I could not even stop her… The girl I knew before had changed… Her face was radiant… It dawned on me that that young man of God has made me lose the girlfriend I loved so much…
And I was angry… As I roll from one part of the bed to the other, alone, inside my room, from morning till night… I began to blame myself for taking her along to that program… Don’t blame me… I was not born again then…Where else was I going to see another girl who will love me like her? I was furious… Yes, but deep down my heart, I knew that she has met God… I knew that this was exactly how it used to be in 1980s and 90s… On my own, I began to tel God: “If I will ever become a Preacher someday, this is the type I want to be… I will love people to come to my program and lose their girlfriends to You…” And thank God, in the fullness of time, when it pleases Him to intercept me from speedy journey to hell, I understood what happened those days to my ex girlfriend…Severally, I have seen that same thing she saw that made her lose me and not care about it.

Friend, if you see what she saw, you will never be afraid to lose any man…. Paul said that when he fell and stood up on his way to Damascus, ‘I saw no man’… Why are you afraid for us that we will starve if we continue with this ‘criticizing’ ministry? Why are you complaining that nobody will host us in his big auditorium and give us big honorarium Thanks for your concern brother man… But we can tell the whole world that ‘We too, like Apostle Paul, saw no man’… We did not see honorarium before we left all and embarked on this journey.. We saw a Crown that we must not lose on the last day…Many are already wearing their own crowns here… They have forgotten the encounters God used to give them when they first met Jesus… Lord, anybody can go… I don’t want to lose the glory you showed me! …We don’t need too many friends…We don’t need those who wants to show everyone that they are succeeding in ministry, even when, they are not known in hell… Our lives are better with fewer people whose eyes are still on that Crown…With the help of God, in our weaknesses and fewness, if it please God, we might be able to stop the mouth of lions…That was how that young man made me to lose my girlfriend.. My friends told me to give her some time that she will run back to me when memories of our sinful past will begin to hunt her…I waited for months and years, up till now, she did not come back… Together, with her husband, they are running a revival ministry in my country Nigeria… And she too is reading this post now as you are reading it… Haleluya!

Man of God, I don’t know the last time people listened to you and they went back and move their things out from their boyfriends house and that was their last days in sin? When was the last time you preached and boys called their girlfriends on the phone and told them: “It is over… I have met with Jesus…. And am gone”,? Your last crusade, you came back with car keys… Laptops, iphones and landed documents… But there was no tears for repentance… Sinners came as Sinners, sowed their seeds as Sinners and left as Sinners….When again are we going to see you preach and men will start falling over another, even without altar call, asking God for repentance for their adultery? Your choristers are already singing with sneered hearts… When are we going to hear somebody say about you, that: “This is that man of God that I heard and I left my sins and did not go back to them again? Sister, I don’t know what they are telling you in your church every Sunday… I know you want to shun your evil ways, but the church you submitted to seem not to have problem with your sinful lifestyle… From year to year, they don’t preach against sin…. Only giving you 100 ways to make wealth, even when you are sinking miserably in sin and addictions… The abuse of the gospel of miracle visa, miracle marriage, miracle contracts, and fighting of enemies is what brought this demonic wind upon us… Jacob had all those things and yet, he was crying to God for an encounter… And when He had it, that’s why we are still talking about him till now… Lock your self up this weekend and cry to God for that same encounter… If He has not shown up, don’t give up… If my ex girlfriend made up her mind to walk out from our relationship, there must be something she saw that’s worth more than me… Today, she is happily married with wonderful children… That God she saw that night has not failed her…
That thing she saw has kept her all these years… I know you are afraid of what will become of you when you cut some ties… Sister, stop playing church while you are feasting on your vomits…
It’s time to cry for an encounter… How long will you keep falling and rising and falling again?
It’s time to cry for just one touch of Fire,… Am sure heaven will not shun your wet eyes and torn lips…

Written By
Iyke Oriaku (The Revivalist)

Time is transcient

The time you have today will not always be there. Time is transient and it’s one of the true luxuries you can have; once lost, you cannot recover it back. Don’t wait till when you are old and far spent. Follow your dream, pursue your purpose and serve the Lord with your heart and strength. Stop the excuses. It is not about having time, it is about making time. If it is important, you will make time. Time is free but yet it is priceless. You cannot own time but you can use it thus, use it wisely. Don’t wait until regrets sets in.

An old dying man was taken to the hospital and got into a conversation with his doctor: “Doctor,” he called. “Don’t worry. I know I am going to die. I didn’t want to come here but they brought me here.

Please don’t worry about me, look at my hair, they are gone. I am so old but you are so young. I have learnt a lot from life, if you don’t mind I will tell you some of them before I die.

When I was 4 years, I use to think the world is about me. When I turned 14, I wanted to rule the world. I thought I would be the greatest man that ever lived. When I was 21, I wanted to be the richest man, when I was 25, I wanted to find love, when I was 40, I wanted to be helpful to everyone.

Now that I am here, I want to die. You see, I wanted so many things at so many times. Most importantly, I wanted to be happy. I thought the best way to be happy is to listen to others. When I wanted to enter the University, I wanted to study Zoology but everyone said I should study Engineering that I will be a great Engineer. So I listened to them. I had no one to pay my fees, I had to work and also pay my fees.

In my third year, I couldn’t cope with my studies, I had to drop. When I dropped, the same people told me “you should have studied Zoology”! When I turned 28, everyone said I should marry. That I needed a wife. So I listened to them, I got married. 6 years into the marriage, I caught my wife sleeping with my neighbor. I asked her why and she slapped me. I was angry and didn’t say anything. The next day I returned from work, she had run away with my children, now I am dying a lonely man. At 40, I got a huge contract. My name was in the news. The next day, all my friends and families were at my house, everyone had a serious problem.

Within one week, I spent all the money on them with the promise that they will pay back. I could not complete the contract because they refused to return the money as promised. So I was sent to jail for 6 years. I stayed in jail and I came out. When I came out, they were nowhere. There was one mistake I made through all this time. Now it is clear to me. Let me tell you about it. I refused to listen to myself. I ignored my own self and listen to others. Now that I am here, the only person that is with me is I.”

Let me make it clear, there is nothing wrong in listening to others but this you must do with the right kind of people. It is wise to seek right counsel but it is very dangerous to ignore your own self. It is very dangerous to refuse to pay attention to your heart.

Take out time, sit down, Close your eyes if you want or open it if you choose, then talk to yourself, reason with yourself. You can walk down the road alone and as you walk, begin to talk to yourself. The only person that can overrule you is God, after God, listen to yourself next. Don’t let the robbers of time and destiny put a lid over your life.

God has made the provision; you can be all that He has created you to be. Your life is a result of your choices. Make the right choice and with the help of the Lord you will experience the glory of the Lord in the land of the living. Do what you love to do and if God gives you a second chance at something please don’t waste again.

God bless you big. Copied

My wish for you

A woman came out of her house and saw 3 old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard. She did not recognize them. She said “I don’t think I know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat.”

“Is the man of the house home?”, they asked.

“No”, she replied. “He’s out.”

“Then we cannot come in”, they replied.

In the evening when her husband came home, she told him what had happened.

“Go tell them I am home and invite them in!”

The woman went out and invited the men in”

“We do not go into a House together,” they replied.

“Why is that?” she asked.

One of the old men explained: “His name is Wealth,” he said pointing to one of his friends, and said pointing to another one, “He is Success, and I am Love.” Then he added, “Now go in and discuss with your husband which one of us you want in your home.”

The woman went in and told her husband what was said. Her husband was overjoyed. “How nice!!”, he said. “Since that is the case, let us invite Wealth. Let him come and fill our home with wealth!”

His wife disagreed. “My dear, why don’t we invite Success?”
Their daughter-in-law was listening from the other corner of the house. She jumped in with her own suggestion: “Would it not be better to invite Love? Our home will then be filled with love!”

“Let us heed our daughter-in-law’s advice,” said the husband to his wife.

“Go out and invite Love to be our guest.”

The woman went out and asked the 3 old men, “Which one of you is Love? Please come in and be our guest.”

Love got up and started walking toward the house. The other 2 also got up and followed him. Surprised, the lady asked Wealth and Success: “I only invited Love, Why are you coming in?”

The old men replied together: “If you had invited Wealth or Success, the other two of us would’ve stayed out, but since you invited Love, wherever He goes, we go with him. Wherever there is Love, there is also Wealth and Success!!!!!!”

-Where there is pain, I wish you peace and mercy.
-Where there is self-doubting, I wish you a renewed confidence in your ability to work through it.
-Where there is tiredness, or exhaustion, I wish you understanding, patience, and renewed strength.
-Where there is fear, I wish you love, and courage.

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I hope you will choose to do so. I did.
A dozen angels sent to you,

Seek God while he may be found

It’s been a long time I have kept this to myself but I think it is time for me to tell this story. He said. Please read, so it won’t happen to you too.
It all happened on sunday morning; it rained the previous night.
I slept late on Saturday night and thus, woke up late. My church service starts by 8am but when I opened my eyes, it was exactly 8:12 am.
I sprang up from my matress, removing my blanket as quickly as I can and didn’t even bother to bathe. Brushing my teeth within ten seconds, I wore my already pressed clothes and ran off to church.
My roommate was still sleeping but I didn’t think he planned going to church at all. So without saying goodbye or waking him up, I left the room.
When I stepped out, I saw some young students of the fellowship who meet in front of my hostel. They were just setting up in preparation for their service. I think they start theirs around 9am.
The way the weather was, with the clouds dark and heavy, everywhere looked gloom and quiet but in my hurry, I took no time to observe or relish the remarkable atmosphere.
As I walked and ran on the tarred narrow road, just some distance from my hostel, I saw two girls sitting on a pavement and crying. They were dressed for church but with the way they sat and clinged to each other, weeping, I doubt if they would still go to church that day.
Though many passers-by like me walked and paused to stare at them, they were clearly unconcerned. They cried uncontrollably that even their shouts of pain made my heart flutter.
I thought about going to them and trying to console them but I was late for service myself.
My conscience tortured me a great deal but when I glanced at my wristwatch, it was already 8:32 am.
‘I am late. I have to go’. I told myself as I continued on my path.
Well, after few minutes, I made it to church eventually.
Except for a guy I saw who rested his head against a wall by the road, I didn’t notice any other strange thing till I got to church.
But when I entered the church, it was another sight I beheld.
The backdrop of the altar and the designs of the pulpit and walls of the venue were already set up but I didn’t see the Pastor.
In fact, I didn’t see any of the church leaders.
The church was scanty.
Except for two ushers and three choristers I saw, most of the workers I knew were not present.
There were some members present though. But every single person in the building was looking lost. The brother beside me was even shedding tears without crying.
I too was getting afraid.
And then all of a sudden, a lady cried out just behind me.
It was so sudden and the sound was so laced with pain and fear that I was afraid the worst had happened.
This is when I dropped my Bible on a chair and had a deliberate look of the whole church.
In the left corner of the front which was designated as choir stand, three sisters placed their heads on the table in front of them; shaking their heads and body in that manner some people do when praying silently.
Just behind them was yet another sister who sat on the bare floor, with one of her shoes nowhere near her. Even her scarf was hung around her neck.
I recognized the sister.
She led choruses in the evening service we had the previous Thursday.
But now, the sweet voice I heard has turned to a painful mutter of incomprehensible words. She held on to the corner of a table with her two hands, and wept as she said things I didn’t understand.
At this point, I knew this could only mean one thing but I didn’t want to believe it. I couldn’t just bring myself to believing it.
I couldn’t.
I was still pondering on what all these mean when an older man sitting two chairs before me stood up suddenly and shouted with a voice crackled, broken and almost lost.
‘Lord God! Please have mercy!’
By now, my heart was heavy and I could not explain a certain fear that clinged to my heart.
To remove all doubts, I approached one of our ushers so I can ask for explanations. I almost stopped in my stride as I became afraid of what his answer might bid for me.
I walked to the rear of the church and stood in front of him but he didn’t even take notice.
His eyes were opened, he was looking at me but with his empty and hopeless gaze at nothingness, I realized he was looking through me.
I called at him and touched the shoulder of his right hand before he blinked and looked at my face.
‘Please Bro Paul what is happening today? Is the service elsewhere?’ I asked with a voice fearful and low.
The usher dropped his eyes from looking at me and shook his head.
New tears began to streak through the corner of his eyes and his lips shook as he tried to hold himself from complete breakdown.
He raised his head again and returned his eyes, with tears, to me.
He started to speak but lost his voice again.
‘My brother…’ He finally managed to say.
He held his very wet handkerchief to his face as he tried to stop the infinitely-flow
ing tears.
Then he heaved so deeply I thought I heard his lungs relax.
‘Bro Victor…’ He started again amidst silent sobs.
‘…we are lost. The Rapture has happened. We are doomed for life.’
Though I knew all along this would be the news, hearing it with my ears broke my heart. I mean I felt it in my heart. My heart sank, ached and broke.
I staggered and almost lost balance as I moved backwards, trying to hide from the weight of the news; trying to escape from the impending doom the usher pronounced.
But he wasn’t done.
The usher released all the pent up tears of anguish and pain he has bravely been holding back and cried with all his might.
All I could make out from his voice was ‘God, Please. God, Please’.
He said it over and over again amidst sobs and cries.
As if to really show he was really desperate, Bro Paul threw himself on the ground and prostrated full with his two hands clasped and his eyes looking to the heavens.
He begged God again and again, asking for mercy and pleading for another chance.
He cried and wept continously and when he couldn’t say anymore, he just lied there and cried.
By now, I had managed to sit down on a bench placed behind the church as I looked around in unbelief.
I didn’t shout or cry at first. I just sat there looking around with tears already blocking my visions. My nose became clogged with phlegm and my throat was dry.
With tears flowing down my cheek, I raised my hand to my mouth as I tried to hold myself from weeping.
But it did no good.
I cried, cried and cried quietly, still with my hand holding back my mouth from releasing my voice with the pain and regrets it held.
Many thoughts crossed my mind- the fire of hell, the great tribulation, the suffering that awaits and many others but only one stayed.
I realized I would be alone in the world now.
My mom would be gone. My dad would be gone. All my sisters and brothers would be gone. While only I remained just because I found pleasure in sin.
The sudden loneliness this realization brought to my heart crushed it forever.
I dropped my hands from my mouth and cried.
Oh! I cried like I never did.
I wept and called out to God to forgive me but even I knew I was lost forever.
‘Had I know! Had I know!’ The thought tortured me.
Liquids dropped from my nostrils and tears from my eyes, a heavy ache hammered at my chest as I cried again and asked to be forgiven of all my sins but even then I knew there is no respite for me.
In the blur of my vision, I saw the sister-chorister still kneeling and recognized her voice as she sang that hymn of warning we always sang in our church.
With her broken voice, sobs and tears between the words of the song, she added more pain to my already damned soul.
‘…oh! what a weeping and wailing
As the lost were told of their fate
They cried for the rocks and the mountains
They prayed but their prayer was too late…’ She sang on and on.
The song had no melody this time, just sorrow.
I stopped my ears with my hands and refused to hear more but the lyrics taunted me still.
I knew all my prayers were useless but I anguished and cried to God more loudly.
It was in the middle of this other round of hopeless tears and prayers that I laid my head on the table and slept for sorrow.
When I woke up, I was on my bed, back in my room.
My pillow and cover-cloth were soaked in my own tears. Though I wasn’t wearing any clothes, I was covered in sweat.
I searched for my phone and glanced at the clock.
It was 4.22am.
I had barely slept for three hours.
I realized It was all a dream but the relief that filled my heart was swiftly replaced with a great fear.
I stood up from my bed and looked around but nothing seemed out of place.
I saw my roommate still sleeping with earphones still plugged to his ears.
I looked outside and saw it was indeed darkest in the dawn.
Having made sure I was still safe and not lost yet, I knelt beside my bed, used my pillow to cover my mouth and cried in desperate prayers.
I prayed to be saved before it is too late. I knelt that way, weeping and asking God for mercy until I slept off.
And indeed when I woke and looked at my time, it was 8:12am and I was late for church…
This story was written to give warning to all who woke up today with breath still in their nostrils and words still in their mouth.
Seek God while He may be found. Call upon him while he still listens. Make your ways right with God before it is too late and you are lost forever.
The pain I tried to write into this fiction is negligible when compared to the pain that awaits all those who miss the rapture- or die without salvation.
You have a chance today. Take it. Repent and be saved.

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Divorce your past

preserved your dignity by not making a scene and gave you two choices. its either hers or every other random girls’.

You have got to divorce your past.

Thats where a good number of us fail. The old habits you developed before coming to the understanding of the meaning and purpose of marriage VS your new status and its responsibilities are entirely two different things and you might have taken some old hurtful habits into your marriage claiming either that you cannot change / thats the way you are / she either take it or leave it / all men are the same deal with it, promiscuity, a singular, self-centered approach to putting the past behind me, childhood addictions, youthful exuberance and conducts that are not compatible with the present realities. Your wife’s shoulders were not built for your unhealthy past. You would crush her under the weight of your past because one woman cannot keep up with the performance of several. She was never built with those kinds of shock absorbers, and truthfully, God never intended her to.

The premium package you purchased cost more. Marriage is expensive not just on the pocket but also on the person. You have got to divorce your past. That is the greatest sacrifice any man can make for his woman.

You must sign the divorce papers for everything that has the potential to jeopardise this premium package deal.

Divorce your past and enter into a future a like brand new man/ woman.

How bad do you want it?

How much are you willing to let go of?

Will you sign those divorce papers?


Godly Character 11

Esther was an orphan and a slave but she manifested a good character, and everybody loved her on the spot, your character determines your favour, if you lack favour, find out your character? what is your character, there are people in this world today, they don’t need to look for people before people looks for them, they have a very pleasant personality, you hang around them once and you want to hang around them again, can somebody look at your lifestyle and say because of you I will give my life to Christ. Joseph went through the pit and the prison but he arrived at the palace because of his Godly character. The only thing that can give glory to God is to win souls for him, the Bible said for each one that repent genuinely there is a great joy in heaven.

You need this godly character to make you a voice and an influence, The greatest gift you can do for God is to bring life up for him, A Christian without influence is a liability to the kingdom, he or she cannot preach to somebody to change, and cannot have a positive influence to the family, place of work and among his friends, any Christian without influence is an extra cargo for heaven, he or she is a weight for the kingdom, he or she is an insult to heaven, he or she is like a child that is bringing bad name to the family, that is why we have the word of God giving exceeding great and precious promises so we might be partakers of the divine nature, It was character that gave Daniel position and influence over the whole empire.

Can you pray this day that you are going to move into the realm of Godly character that will position you to where you belong? From Pastor Paul Enenche.

God bless you

Seven Leadership Principles to learn from an Eagle..

(1) Eagles fly alone and at high altitudes.
They don’t fly with sparrows or other small birds.

Stay away from (narrow minded people) sparrows and ravens, those that bring you down.
Eagles fly with Eagles. Keep good company.

(2) Eagles have an accurate vision. They have the ability to focus on something as far as 5km.
No matter the obstacles, the eagle will not move his focus from the prey until he grabs it.

Have a vision and remain focused no matter what the obstacle and you will succeed.

(3) Eagles do not eat dead things. They feed only on fresh prey.

Do not rely on your past success, keep looking for new frontiers to conquer. Leave your past where it belongs, in the past.

(4) Eagles love the storm. When clouds gather, the eagles get excited. The eagle uses the storm’s wind to lift it higher. Once it finds the wind of the storm, the eagles uses the raging storm to lift him above the clouds. This gives the eagle an opportunity to glide and rest its wings. In the meantime, all the other birds hide in the leaves and branches of the trees.

Face your challenges knowing that these will make you emerge stronger and better than you were. We can use the storms of life to rise to greater heights. Achievers are not afraid of challenges rather they relish them and use them profitably.

(5) When a female eagle meets a male and they want to mate, she flies down to earth with the male pursuing her and she picks a twig. She flies back into the air with the male pursuing her.
Once she has reached a height high enough for her, she lets the twig fall to the ground and watches it as it falls. The male chases after the twig. The faster it falls, the faster he chases until he reaches it and has to catch it before it falls to the ground, then bring it back to the female eagle.

The female eagle grabs the twig and flies to a much higher altitude, and then drops the twig for the male to chase.
This goes on for hours, with the height increasing until the female eagle is assured that the male eagle has mastered the art of picking the twig which shows commitment, then and only then, will she allow him to mate with her!

Whether in private life or in business, one should test commitment of people intended for partnership.

(6) Eagles prepare for training. They remove the feathers and soft grass in the nest so that the young get uncomfortable in preparation for flying.

Leave your comfort zone, there is no growth there.

(7) When the Eagle grows old, his feathers become weak and cannot take him as fast and as high as he should. This makes him weak and could make him die. So he retires to a place far away in the mountains.
While there, he plucks out the weak feathers on his body, and breaks its beak against the rocks and claws until he is completely bare; a very bloody and painful process. Then he stays in this hiding place until he has grown new feathers; a new beak and claws; and then he comes out.

We occasionally need to shed off old habits no matter how difficult, things that burden us, or add no value to our lives.

Yes eagles never give up …

Be an Eagle….Never give up!!



If I’ve learned anything from life, it’s that sometimes, the darkest times can bring us to the brightest places. I’ve learned that the most toxic people can teach us the most important lessons; that our most painful struggles can grant us the most necessary growth; and that the most heartbreaking losses of friendship and love can make room for the most wonderful people.

I’ve learned that what seems like a curse in the moment can actually be a blessing, and that what seems like the end of the road is actually just the discovery that we are meant to travel down a different path. I’ve learned that no matter how difficult things seem, there is always hope.

And I’ve learned that no matter how powerless we feel or how horrible things seem, we can’t give up. We have to keep going. Even when it’s scary, even when all of our strength seems gone, we have to keep picking ourselves back up and moving forward, because whatever we’re battling in the moment, it will pass, and we will make it through.

We’ve made it this far. We can make it through whatever comes next

It’s a MUST read for self development!


1. Make friends with successful people and occasionally buy them gift and surprise them with lunch because successful people always give and hardly get, so when you give them, they value the gift a lot.
2. Get a mentor and follow his instructions and respect the relationship. Never beg your mentor for money or disrespect his or her privacy.
3. Make new positive friends as often as possible and ensure you keep the communication line open.

The Holy Alphabet… This is Beautiful.

Whoever came up with this one must have been filled with the Holy Spirit!
A lthough things are not perfect,
B ecause of trial or pain,
C ontinue in thanksgiving
D on’t even think to blame .
E ven when the times are hard,
F ierce winds are bound to blow,
G od is forever able
H old on to Jesus .
I magine life without His love,
J oy would cease to be,
K eep thanking Him for all the things
L ove imparts you to see.
M ove out of Complaining ‘,
No weapon that is known
O n earth can yield the power
P raise can do alone.
Q uit worrying about the future,
R edeem the time at hand,
S tart every day with prayer
To ‘thank’ is God’s command.
U ntil we see Him coming,
V ictorious in the sky,
W e’ll run the race with gratitude,
X alting God most high.
Y es, there’ll be good times and yes some will be
bad, but…
Z ion waits in glory…where none are ever sad!
The one who kneels to the Lord can stand up to
Love and peace be with you forever, Amen.

Enjoy the ride with the Father

There’s an old story of the boy who stood on a
sidewalk, waiting for a bus. A man walking by spotted
the boy & gave him some gentle instruction. “Son,”
he said, “if you’re waiting for the bus you need to
move to the street corner. That’s where the bus stops
for passengers.”
“It’s OK,” said the boy. “I’ll just wait right here & the
bus will stop for me.” The man repeated his
argument, but the boy never moved. Just then, the
bus appeared. Amazingly, the bus pulled over to
where the boy stood & he hopped on. The man on
the sidewalk stood speechless. The boy turned
around in the doorway & said, “Mister, I knew the
bus would stop here, bcos the bus driver is my dad!”
When you’ve got a family relationship with the bus
driver, you don’t need a bus stop. If you’ve given your
heart to the King of Kings, you’re in a royal family of
unspeakable proportions.
Today I would like to remind you that when you know
the Driver of life you can take the bus of life
anywhere. He will stop & pick you up where people
thought it is not possible.
Whether some are thinking that you are not in the
right frame of mind, or the right status or the right
career to succeed but this will change when the
success giver is your father & friend.
Whether you are unemployed, broke, single or
married, or childless or divorced, or widowed. What
matters is that you know Him who is able to do
exceedingly abundantly above what we can think or
even imagine.
However, the BIG question is : “Is the Driver your
Father?” “Are you (still) His child? You can only get
that privilege if He is your Father. He can bypass
protocols because you are His child. He has done it
before. He can do it AGAIN & AGAIN. And guess
what?It does not matter what ANYBODY feels or
Enjoy the ride with your Father.

Gud morning everyone. Have a nice day ahead.

Truth is Absolute

Dr. Daniel Hahn, in a book entitled , says the consequences of our choices typically fall into two categories- Natural and Logical. Natural consequences are those outcome that come “naturally” from our decisions based on our response to truth. The doctor says stop drinking and you can reverse your liver damage. Don’t stop, and you may die in few years. If you spend your money on this, you won’t have money for that.

Some natural consequences take years to materialize, You can plant an acorn and the growth will be almost imperceptible for a while. But given enough time in good soil, a tree will grow. Those are natural consequences. Spiritually, relationally and in character issues, the natural consequences may take a while to appear, so we can deny or refuse to recognize truth. and in the short term, some very bad decisions and truly evil people appear to be winning. drug abuse can be exciting – for a while. Cheating doesn’t seem all that bad—for a while. But the truth is, results are coming. Those decisions will bring the results truth says they will.

Logical consequences are immediate, obvious consequences used to shape behavior and teach an appreciation and respect for truth. it’s the kind of thing parents could use to teach a child financial wisdom. Parents don’t let the logical consequences play out in order to punish their children or make them fail. they use the truth and consequences to enable success in the long run.

God has set the law of truth and consequences, reaping what you sow, into the universe, As a wise and loving Father, He also uses logical consequences from time to time to help us respect His truth. He doesn’t want to pay you back, but bring you back.” Back to the absolute truth that will save you.

God’s gift of love to us is absolute truth.When we neglect,reject, or drift away from truth, we unwittingly choose the consequences that are an essential part of truth. Then some morning we will wake up, rub our eyes, and shake our heads in disbelief at the place our ”Truth” has taken us. He wants His absolute and unchanging truth to protect and provide for us, not punish us.

Truth. It’s absolute. It’s a gift. It has the power to set us free, and then to teach us and guide us where we need to go.

A Good sense of Humor

Great things come to those who have great expectations and good sense of humor,those who believe they have great potentials and ambition to make it even in hardest situation they find themselves.

A man without a Vision is like a house built on an ordinary floor without a foundation, the ambition to succeed in life depend on the ambition in your heart to acquire the things you desire, take a drastic decision when it seems nothing is happening in your life, don’t be reluctant when things are not moving up to your expectations in life because everybody in life suppose to have an aim and target and while you are trying to rearrange your philosophy.

Decide and determine first before you take the decision because decision without a determination is like a choice without hope, Build your Ark before the rain because the biggest risk in life is never to take a risk and if you fail to plan you should also plan to fail, Only a Loyal person can become Royal in life.

Good Morning friends have a splendid and blissful day.

Live Right to Make Heaven

Can I ask you a big question? Where exactly are you going with your life? Where is your destination? And how do you intend to end up there? Do you know your way? The reason many of us are perplexed in life today is because we could be lost in life, we are not deliberate in our actions and we are not in charge of our life situations, we are constantly engrossed by life situations, challenges and the desperation’s of basic and social need, our needs, not our purpose have become the basis for our actions and reactions. Hence we wake up daily living a life of reactions to the need to feed, to cloth, live in a comfortable home, educate our children, have enough money, and be socially accepted, The whys of our daily choices are basically the reaction to all that’s happening around us, A person who takes up employment so as to meet the needs in life and pay bills and be socially relevant can hardly achieve anything phenomenon, for most, the ability to survive is their goal in life.

A life of purpose is such that’s meant to make a mark, A life that develop, A life that create, A life that built, A life of meaning and relevance in this world and to humanity at large, A life with a generational impart, what is your life about? Are you making an impact with your life? Or are you busy committing immorality, thereby destroying your life and your destiny. What is your goal in life? What exactly makes you different from every regular person? Do you have a defined journey and purpose and destination?
What are your reason for being in this world, ask yourself? Are you treading on the part of righteousness? Are you not undervaluing your worth and purpose of your existence? A life without a reason, destination, goal and a purpose can hardly be directed a fulfilling one and you will hardly be happy. you need to have superior and valuable reason for all you do, don’t do things because everyone around you is doing it, have a personal and wise reason for doing all you do, think again and ask, why do you do all you do daily, is it because you suffer from low self-esteem? Your self-esteem is a psychological ailment and the antidote is not achievement and accomplishment, you can be a president and still suffer low self-esteem, it’s a thinking and upbringing problem, don’t be extremely attached to worldly things, a life with Christ is such that doesn’t consider worldly things as goals but as blessings.

Your life must be worth much more than being blessed, you must become a blessing to your generation, How many soul have you won for Christ? What will be your answer if you are asked how do you live your life on this earth? Are you living a life worthy of Emulation for the younger generation or are you busy destroying lives for your own selfishness? You must set goals, you must have a purpose for your life, a destination, something you are about and a personal reason for why you exist, that’s is the best way to truly enjoy God’s blessing, when you have a life of purpose and meaning, you can effectively survive every season in life, In a season when you are rich or broke, you remain unshaking, you won’t be desperate for anything, because you have a superior reason for living, and you will never lose your joy and peace, as becoming a blessing to your generation is the source of true joy and perpetual happiness.

Live a higher life that build, develop and create values for humanity, follow your passion and your dreams. Do what God designed you for, live the life God designed you to live, not a live imposed by people or the society, the essence of life is dreams, goals and destinations, the purpose of life is to make it much better than you met it. The reason for your being is for your life to cause people to give glory to God. Live right so that you will make Heaven. Muyiwa Afolabi

Take a second look

I want you to take a second look at your life, Are u living the life you want? Or a life dedicated to earning a living as the only kind of lifestyle? Hence you have decided to embrace it and call it life itself, if you have everything you want and everything you need in abundance, Will your lifestyle today still be your kind of lifestyle? In your days in secondary school and university, it was all about working hard to earn good grades and subsequently earn good income so as to obtain all you need in life, Please tell me, is this really the essence and purpose of being alive? Are we just here to earn and working all our life to gather so much that we shall eventually leave behind whether we like it or not?

I believe a life should be much more than a dedication to earning, a life should be more rooted in Christ, if today you are exposed to limitless income and an unending cash flow, what will your life today be about, Many of us may not realize this, but we are actually living for money, in order to live in a quality social relevance, A good life is a purpose, peaceful and happy life, money can never buy that, that’s why many extremely rich people end up as drug users, because they misunderstood the nature and purpose of earning money, it eventually destroyed them, I believe it’s time to find yourself, finding yourself is the master key to a life of meaning, the beginning of a great life and identifying and concentrating on fulfilling the reason for being in this world, you must know why you are in this world, the reason of being in this world is superior to any education, qualification and career, every man’s assignment and purpose in this life is service to humanity in one form or another.

There must be something about humanity that burdens your heart, steers up your spirit, borders you, and inspires you, it could be about health, creativity, leadership, welfare, invention, process, entertainment administration and general relationships, If you’re truly human, something about humanity will connect in your heart and truly touch u, A good life is the life that bring true happiness, peace and fulfillment, it is that life serving what the heart connect with, A life of self-preservation. Competition, materialism, immorality, Vanity, fear, anxiety and tension is a life dedicated to earning and growing income without knowing ones purpose. Finding yourself is knowing what you are created to do and doing what you are created and designed to do, it’s about locating and connecting and with your place in this world, Enjoying your assignment in this life, doing it passionately and being around people who connect with your passion, your purpose and assignment and vision as well.

Finding yourself is the source of happiness, it’s not what you own, it’s in whom you are, discovering yourself, happiness is finding you, discovering you and loving you the way you are and embracing why you are in this world. Are you truly happy with your life, or you have accepted this life of earning, why are you in this world? It’s time to rethink your life, it’s time to fight back your life. Come out of the corner and get out of the box and break that limitation, becoming rich is not your purpose in this life, achieving purpose and manifest the greatness and glory is why you are here, you can and you must touch your generation, the whole creation is waiting for your manifestation. Don’t be contented with mediocrity, don’t be limited in your dreams and vision for life, you can do all things, what is that dream? Make it real. What is that gift? Stare it up, you are a city set upon a hill, so shine forth and let humanity benefit from what you carry, stop doing whatever you know God will be angry about seeing you involved in it, so that your generation will not be destroyed. Find Yourself. Muyiwa Afolabi

From When Women Pray Intl

When you break the curse, the blessings will flow, Prosperity and Growth is of God, Not every movement is forward movement, there is some movement you are just swinging, you will be going round and round in circle. I don’t know who is not making any headway, but I want to tell you that the Lord takes pleasure in the prosperity of his servant. Psalm 35:27, in 3rd John 1:2 said I wish above all thing that you prosper.

When a man prosper, God is happy, He announces God’s name. When you look good the person you are preaching to have hope. When your husband prospers he provides for his family, therefore saving him from being worse than an infidel,

Why should you pray for your husband?

You are his help-meet: you are built in such a way that when a man enter your life, he has no choice but to prosper, the mistake he made was to marry you, but he has to prosper spiritually, financially, physically and in his body, somebody said what if he is a foolish man, Abigail married a foolish man, but that man has resources enough for David to ask him of, so it doesn’t matter if he is a foolish man, he has to prosper.

When you see a great man there is a woman, she is somewhere propping him, she is his chair leader, telling him my husband, go forward. Without you he is not complete, and so you were brought to complete him and not to bring him down. Woman! don’t be a destiny waster, if you don’t know how to pray, you are a prey.

What are the things that a woman do that bring hindrances to her husband’s prosperity?
– Talking too much; don’t talk too much, there are some things you need to keep quiet about until it happens.
– Talking down on your husband; when you talk down on your husband, he will not fly, he will cower. Allow him to be the man, don’t smother him, and let him make mistakes.
– Don’t be too lazy to pray for your husband; Abigail did not wait for her husband, she took her offering and laid it down for David on behalf of her husband.
– Infidelity in the woman; when you cheat on that man, you kill him spiritually, then physically, he becomes a vegetable and you becomes the witch in his life.

When you have illicit sex, it’s an altar for demonic performance, it’s an altar given worship to the devil and demonic attacks, when you have illicit sex, you open the door for the wicked one and the strong man, your spirituality is gone, the bible says, the bed of marriage is undefiled therefore Do not negotiate with the enemy. That’s why people like Esther stood and said if I perish!!! Pls Don’t Compromise… when you do that, you truncate destinies yet unborn. From WWP…

Woman as a gatekeeper

As a woman, you are many things to your husband and as a man, there are 8 things you should be to your wife.
Don’t marry a man because of what he drives but what drives him
Seduce your husband. Don’t always allow your husband to ask for sex. As a woman your under wear should match
You must be a different woman to your husband every time. Be creative. Don’t be predictable. Give him what he wants.
Everyone woman has an influence. If you lose influence over your husband you have lost womanhood
You must learn to synchronize with your husband. Be part of his plans
Sex is not all about making children. Dress to please your husband
Don’t fix time to have sex with your husband.When a man is sexually satisfied he is emotionally stable
As a woman you should invest in yourself spiritually so you can adequately support him. Build yourself as a prayer warrior so that you will not be forced to pray at the end of your life.
I agree with almost all but why must my husband provide for all my needs? Is he a money making machine?
Secondly, why cant I provide for my husband, afterall, iron sharpens iron, they say, if he can buy me something, I should be able to reciprocate, isn’t that romantic?
As a woman you are a helper!
The one who you are helping must be stronger than you! Once you are married, you are somebody’s helper and the helper is meant to have what the person’s need! As a wife, you are meant to surround your husband! Women are natural keepers; men take care of your wives so your life can be long! The woman is your helper. Treasure your wife, let her feel important!! Let your wife know that she is important. Women, you are your husband’s helper, stop looking helter skelter! You are there to help him and God will reward you.
As a woman, you are a builder!!
Proverbs 14:1- A wise woman buildeth her home! We need wisdom to build. You must know when to speak, when to keep quiet, when to comfort, when to build!
As a woman you are a servant!
Titus 2:4-5- These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children, 5 to live wisely and be pure, to work in their homes, to do good, and to be submissive to their husbands. Then they will not bring shame on the word of God.
You are a cook, cleaner, laundry woman and nanny!
When last did you love him and lay his head on your chest? When last did you run up behind him and kiss him?
Once a bride, always a bride!! Stop calling him daddy or papa Joseph!! He is your husband! You are a servant, not a slave
12- You are an intercessor!
Prayer cover him, satan proof him, Delilah proof your husband! If God has blessed you with a husband, pray for him. The praying woman is a winning woman; at certain times, just pray for your husband!! No matter how happy you are in your marriage, never stop praying for your husband! In case you don’t know, some people are not happy that you are happy? That husband you think is useless, some people are queuing to marry him. Take care of your home; no matter where you go, come back to your home!
13- As a woman, you are a lover!
Some women forget that you are a lover! Every man is attracted by what he sees, while a woman is attracted by what she hears. That is how we are wired! If you are an old bride beside your husband, you will push him to a Delilah! The male species like variety, even Christian men can be tempted! Therefore, you must be many things to your husband! Become unpredictable in marriage! Wear your hair differently, dress differently!
You should have two types of nightwear, the general ones and the ones only your husband can see you in; you know what I mean. Look lovely for your husband; remind him of what he has. Make the room you share have a wonderful ambience!
Touch your husband! A woman needs 13 meaningful touches a day! Remain romantic! Don’t be an old ugly bride around your husband; walk hard to retain your shape! You must be romantic and spontaneous! Befriend your husband, if you don’t befriend him, you will wake up one day and find a huge emotional gap! Don’t let your career cause a rift between you
14- As a woman you are a covering!
Look at Genesis 21:9-10
What a man can’t see, a woman can see! So, as a man learn to listen to your woman! Be careful when your wife warns you about a particular business or a friendship or woman, listen to her and try to understand her! Don’t tell your wife to shut up. As a woman, protect your husband, defend him!
15- You are a keeper, an assignment!
For example, he gives you sperm; you keep it, deliver a child and nurture that child! He tells you his vision, you keep it in mind and help nurture and bring it to pass.
May the lord give us Good understanding amen. Copied

Return to God

She joined her husband in the bedroom. Their children were asleep.
He was busy reading the newspaper.
She looked at him.
“My love, there’s something I need to confess” she began to speak.
“What is it?” he asked without looking at her, his face still glued to the newspaper.
“I have been unfaithful” she said.
He looked at her with fiery eyes.
He slapped her.
For the first time in their marriage, he slapped her.
“How could you woman?! Seventeen years of marriage, four children and this is what you do to me? You cheat on me? Foolish? How can you stoop so low?” he shouted.
He got up from the bed. He started pacing as he continued shouting, “You are the one who always tells me to keep off women. Out of respect, I keep females at a distance and you on the other hand do this?”
He was just about to pounce on his wife and beat her. The sting of unfaithfulness enraged him.
A knock was heard on the door.
Their first born, Maria, a fourteen year old girl walked in their bedroom.
“Mom, dad; is everything OK?” Maria asked.
“Get out! Get out!” he shouted as his daughter.
“It’s OK Maria, Dad and I will sort this out. Go to sleep” She told their first born daughter, Maria.
Maria walked out of their bedroom.
“Who is it? Who have you been unfaithful with? Give me his phone number. He will know today who I am” he shouted trying to grab his wife’s phone.
She humbly took her phone.
“Show me his number. Show me his face. Filthy animal who is snatching my wife” he shouted some more.
“This is the man I have been unfaithful with” she said giving her husband her phone.
Her husband looked at the screen of her phone and saw his own face and phone number.
“Me?!” he asked puzzled looking at her.
“Yes, I have been unfaithful with you. I have been unfaithful to God because I have been so busy loving you. In my effort to try being a good wife, I have forgotten God” she said.
He sat down on the bed, confused.
“When you met me, I was so devoted to God. In fact, you used to tell me that the most important reason you chose me as your wife was because of my devotion to God. I loved the Godly man you used to be. We would pray and long to have a Godly family together. I remember the days I would fast and pray and tell God that if He blesses me with a good job, I will dedicate my career to Him. God did bless me, God blessed you, God blessed us. We did so well professionally, we got good money, we could afford a good wedding. We got married” she explained.
He looked at her intently.
She continued, “The first few months of our marriage, we would pray as a family, go to Church, have fellowships, worship and Bible Study; but slowly, we stopped living by that Scripture that says as for me and my household we will serve the Lord. We started having children who we failed to raise in the Godly way. With success, we changed our friends. We found the born again friends boring. We started worshiping money, success and materials. Look at us now, we live in a big house but God is absent. You started taking me to unGodly places to have fun, we started drinking too much, our children ashamed by our drinking”
He looked away from her.
“In order to please you, I changed too; thinking that being a good wife means tagging along with everything you do. I didn’t confront you when you started going astray, I didn’t pull you back to God, I got lost with you. So lost, that I started becoming proud, shallow, self-centered; all along thinking I am being a good wife. But this is not me. I have changed so much from the woman you found me. We both have changed much”
He looked at her.
“All these. The good house, the good meals we eat, the money we have, the comfortable life; they have made us forget the God who gave them to us. I am nothing without God and I feel ashamed that I have abandoned the God responsible for all I am and have. We have started having troubles in our marriage, because the Lord is no longer building our love, we are doing it on our own and we will fail if we keep on like this”
She reached out and touched his hand.
“I want to go back to the woman I used to be. A woman after God’s own heart. I miss the peace that God gives, I miss worship, I miss reading the Word, I miss going to Church and fellowship, I miss meditating, I miss praying with you. What does it profit me to gain a good marriage yet lose my soul, my God? I am going back to God. Only as a wife submitted to God, will I be the best wife to you and the best mother to our children. He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from God, but I cannot bring favour to you if I continue being disconnected from God. I want my spiritual life back. I want God back in our home, our marriage, our family”
He started breaking down in tears. His spirit convicted.
He held her tightly in his arms.
“I am sorry. I am sorry for going astray and taking you with me. You chose to marry me because you thought you are marrying a Godly man. I miss being that Godly man. Marriage shouldn’t be a stumbling block in our walk with God. The thought of you cheating on me ripped my heart apart, I cannot even begin to imagine how God feels when we are unfaithful to Him. God having blessed us this much and we turn our backs on Him. At the thought of you cheating on me I was filled with rage, yet God patiently looks at us in our unfaithfulness desiring us to go back to Him. I want to go back too. I want more in my life than these earthly things, I want God. I want the God of my youth. I am so sorry for slapping you”
That night, they knelt down and repented, rededicated their lives and marriage to God. The Prodigal Couple came back to God.
The next morning, they prayed together with their children.
God returned back to that home, because that couple returned back to God.



Shared as copied. God bless you.

Mr Peter had a job interview to attend at 10am
but his wife developed complications at
9am. He decided to take the wife to the hospital
and leave for the interview thereafter but on
way to the hospital, the taxi broke down. It was
already 10:30am before he could get another
He arrived the hospital at 11am, dropped the
wife and used the same taxi to go for the
interview. He arrived the interview
venue at 12noon(2hours late).
He rang the bell but no one opened the door.
Earlier at 10am, the company mail delivery had
rang the bell but no one opened the door too.
When the door was finally opened, Mr Peter said
“I’m sorry, I came
……….wanting to apologise for coming late but
the Secretary interrupted before he could finish
his statement and ushered him to the Board
The Secretary said, I apologise Mr Peter for
keeping you waiting since 10am, we actually
heard when the bell rang at 10am but we were
held up in a meeting with our company
suppliers… However we have sat since 8am to
deliberate on your
job specification, your office and the salary.
Mr Peter was baffled and said, “Ma’am, I haven’t
been interviewed yet’’.
The MD answered him and said “we decided not
to conduct the interview at least to save time
and also save the interviewees money on
transport, so we looked at the papers for the
most appropriate person we wanted and
we opted for you. Also, we had tested your
patience this morning by keeping you waiting
intentionally for 2hrs. That’s part of your
interview. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll be
shown your office, your secretary and the
driver assigned to drive your company’s allotted
vehicle. You’ll be on probation for 2yrs.
He got the job!!!
On his way out, his phone rang and it was the
wife. She said honey, I was delivered of a
bouncing baby boy. It was their fifth child and
the only male child. He immediately
called the child miracle.
He got a double miracle same day, all the
disappointments turned out to favour him.
God positioned the mail delivery man to ring the
bell at 10am.
God also held them up in the meeting until Mr
Peter arrived.
Note: You might be held up by issues in your life
and hope might be diminishing and you think the
chance is gone. But you know what? God’s
waiting for you
to release His favour, so don’t go back along the
way, don’t quit, don’t be upset by what you face
along the way.
In fact, God has already deliberated on your
One more thing, you don’t have to go through
any interview, since you have all the
qualifications God wants..
My prayers for you:
1. God will position somebody at the right place
and the right time for you who will ring the bell in
your favour.
2. God will turn all your disappointments to be a
blessing for you.
3. Every positive meeting will end in your favour
and every negative meeting will scatter in your
May this be your portion.
Remain blessed beyond measure!


Marriage means two people becoming one body. There should not be ‘her money’ or ‘my money’ in marriage, Everything becomes ‘OUR’S’. How can you be so united as one and yet so divided as two? The process of two becoming one eliminates the need for ‘my’ or ‘her’ and gives birth to ‘our’. The responsibility of taking care of your wife EXTENDS PAST FINANCIAL CARE. We have become so materialistic that our interpretation of Scripture is completely off the rails.

It is your responsibility as a man to protect and take care of your wife emotionally, spiritually, physically and in all other ramifications of it so her boss cannot bully her, your friends don’t conceive a negative impression of her, her friends don’t impact on her negatively, the society doesn’t filter it’s negativity into her stream of consciousness, her emotions remain intact and she has and maintains a sound spirit, soul and body. That is how to take care of a woman. Unfortunately, you are all about the well being of the body. The bank account, the make up, grand entrance, the flashy cars and 3 acre space villas, Of what use is her fat bank account when her soul is corrupt and uncouth?

What is this thing about money? This poverty mentality has narrowed our worldview to consider only financial gains in everything we do. What a shame! Money is important but IT IS NOT ALL THERE IS TO LIFE.

Listen, your wife is supposed to be a helpmeet. Consider the word ‘help’ YOU CANNOT HELP SOMEONE IF YOU DON’T HAVE WHAT THEY NEED! By design, the woman has a deposit of everything the man needs throughout his lifetime and that investment is what God requires you to protect! This is why man should love and honor his wife. She has what you need. God doesn’t give a finished product. He gives seed. If you want to be rich as a married man, there is a seed inside your wife you need to tend. When that seed grows into a tree, the fruits of it would be a word spoken, or an introduction, a meeting, a prayer, even a wishful thinking from your wife that will open a door for you.

Many men suffer because their wives are suffering. Many men are in chains because their wives are not comfortable enough to pray genuinely for them.

For the women who are insistent on witholding for whatever most intelligent reason, do that man a favor and NEVER MARRY HIM because what you are doing is deliberately witholding what God has designed for you to have, by which you are a suitable help to him. You are still a girl, you are not yet a woman or indeed a Wife.

If you marry a man who cannot function like one, and is all about your money, I am sorry for you. I’ll say a prayer for you after this post but the ideal marriage is for two people to become one in all ramifications and what God has joined together, let nothing INCLUDING YOUR FINANCES AND YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS put asunder.

Can I pray with You?

I read this and it richly blessed me. I hope it blesses you too.


Bukari and his wife don’t sit next to each other during Church services. Even when going to Church services, they go in different vehicles; and when they travel in the same car, it is usually a very quite and uncomfortable ride.
Bukari sat at his usual spot in the Church service; the fourth line on the far left row. His wife sat on the center row.
The Pastor took to the podium.

“Husbands, stop wasting your time praying” the Pastor began.
The congregants got alarmed. No one expects to hear a pastor saying prayer is a waste of time.
“I am not here to discourage you to pray. I am here to encourage you to pray right. Husbands, stop wasting your time praying if you are not treating your wife well. The Word says that when you treat your wife badly, it hinders your prayers. Men, you claim to be prayerful. You come to church driving your expensive cars, giving your offertory and tithes, active in Church, some of you are Church leaders; but how are you treating your wife? You may look good to us Church members, but it is your wife and children that know who you truly are” said the Pastor.

Bukari turned to face his wife. She looked at him. Bukari could see her eyes. Her left eye swollen from the blow he gave her last week when she confronted him about his alcoholism, pornography use and mischievous behavior. People couldn’t tell she had a black eye because of the make up she had on, so well done.

The Pastor continued, “People have perfected the art of cover up. Here in Church, so many are hurting but you wouldn’t know. People come here wearing their nice clothes, shiny smiles, they are active in ministry but hurting a lot in their marriage. We have become numb and plastic, brushing things under the carpet. But today we shall heal; we shall address those wounds we hide”
The Pastor cleared his throat and continued, “Many of those who are hurting their spouse are using the church to hide. They think that because they give offertory and tithe, because they make public prayers, because they stand in front to read the Word or because they hold a Church leadership position that they are right with God. God is interested in what you do in your marriage and in your family. Your first ministry is your home. Stop trying to blackmail God with your service in Church yet you are mean and hurtful towards your spouse”
Many of the members of the congregation got restless and unsettled.
The Pastor continued, “Many of those who are being hurt by their spouse hide their pain and want to project an image that all is well to validate that they are blessed and in control. Some of you are active in Church to run away from the pain in your marriage”
The congregation was silent. Some straightening their ties, others fidgeting with their Bibles, adjusting their sitting position. This pastor was preaching truth and it was uncomfortable.

The Pastor continued, “The husbands are not the only ones guilty. Wives, don’t you know the Word says when your husband found you he found good and you bring favour? Then why are you the source of your husband’s headache and stress? Have you been so toxic that you have turned your prayerful husband into a prayerless one? Do you make him regret marrying you because you bring more complications than he had before marrying you? How you treat your husband can be a stumbling block in his walk with God or an environment that encourages growth. Many of you married your husband primarily because of his relationship with God, why are you now destroying his relationship with God instead of celebrating and nurturing it? Why are you being a burden to your husband emotionally, spiritually, socially, sexually and financially instead of being one who brings favour?”
Bukari’s wife looked at Bukari. Bukari looked at her, she looked away.

The Pastor paused to drink his glass of water.
The Pastor continued, “When I am thirsty, I drink a glass of water. When your spouse gets thirsty, will you allow God to use you to bless your spouse? You’ve been told many sermons that focus on you as an individual, that God will make you prosper as an individual. I am here to tell you your blessings are tied to people, you are blessed to be a blessing to others. Our God is not an individualistic God. Your blessing is tied to your marriage, your family. It’s not about you, you, you; it is about Jesus and Jesus is about love. What good is it to prosper and be successful when you have no love? It is all vanity. God cares about your family, how you treat your spouse and children”
“Yes, we pray. But what kind of prayers does your spouse pray because of you? When your spouse prays, is it largely to cry to God because of the hurt you bring? Is it to plead with God to change you from the monster you’ve become? Is it to plead for grace to deal with how difficult you are? Or is to give thanks for you?”

“Are you really prayerful? Do you really value prayer? Then why is it that many of you find it easy to come to us pastors for us to pray with you as an individual, you find it is easy to pray in public in a Church service or Bible study, but find it so hard to pray with your spouse? Isn’t that telling of what is going on in your marriage? Don’t you know that the more you pray with your spouse the stronger your marriage will be? But how can you find it easy to pray with a spouse you hurt or who hurts you?”
The Pastor paused and looked at the congregation. Eyes staring at him.
“I challenge you. I challenge you to pray with your spouse and to treat your spouse well. Husbands, you are the head of the home. I challenge you to stand up and go to where your wife is and pray with her as a start of a more prayerful chapter in your marriage. Don’t do it because I asked you to but because you want to. Your choice”
One by one, the husbands present stood up.
Bukari stood up too.

Bukari walked to where his wife was.
The face of Bukari’s wife overwhelmed with love, she looked on as her husband walked to her. She almost stood up but he gave hand gestures at her to stay seated.
Bukari reached where she sat. Their eyes met.
Bukari knelt down. He stared at her then kissed her swollen left eye.
“I am sorry” he said.
“Can I pray with you?” He asked.
She got up from her seat and knelt down too.
There, on the floor as the Church service was still ongoing, husbands prayed with their wives. Bukari prayed kneeling with his wife.
They prayed for forgiveness, for thanksgiving, for love, for renewal, for peace, for direction; for their marriage.